Day 4 of Data Visualisation-Data Collection Progress

Rahul Sahu
1 min readFeb 27, 2021


Picking up from the progress of the last class, I had all the data to depict the ‘yield/acre’ of my ingredients. However, my goal was to showcase how much land would be required to grow the specified amount for the dish. It meant finding out the weight of the required amount of ingredient. With a little bit of search on google, I had the data that I was looking for.

However, many of the ingredients had a land requirement that was negligible and I wouldn’t be able to show on the graphs.

So, I had to approaches to depict through this course of data visualization:

  1. Yield per acre of all the ingredients
  2. The total landmass required to grow the specified quantity of the ingredients.

I will have to weigh in by taking into consideration many factors and have to work towards finalizing something by the end of the day.