Day 9 of Game Design- Streaming Detroit: Become Human

To be frank, video game live streams have had no importance in my appreciation of video games. I know that video game streams have fanfares and its viewership is enormous. However, my appreciation for video game primarily comes from 4 things:

  1. Reading the story behind their development.
  2. Playing video games.
  3. Reading articles about them on video game websites.
  4. Looking at review videos.

Today’s class was a twitch stream of Detroit: Become Human. Our faculty of Game Design presented his screen and our small batch of 10 people watched his live stream.

The game began with the first mission of Connor trying to diffuse a hostage situation. A deviant android has killed a couple of people and taken a little girl hostage. The unique proposition of this game is the impact of choices that can affect the story.

So, we saw two approaches to the level: the one with 100% probability and 50% probability. We saw some divergence in the series of events that unfolded in both approaches. However, I wanted to see drastic consequences, which was not the case.

Looking at Kara’s story felt like a housemaid simulator. She was an android who was repaired and brought back home after her owner broke her. Throughout her story, she was just cleaning up rooms and was a nanny of sorts. Those were just glimpses of her story and I think they were building up the story.

Markus, another playable character, who is also an android seemed like a dreamer. He painted better than many people, including me, on a canvas. He had some humanistic characteristics that didn’t reflect his origins. He didn’t clearly display tics that show that he is an android.

The overall theme of androids gaining emotions has been explored many times in pop culture. However, I liked the different things that this brings to the table to deliver the story.




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